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        If you are seeking to change the look of your home, look no further than siding! Siding can make all the difference in your home's curb appeal.

        251 Remodeling's siding installation professionals are able to accommodate your siding project, no matter the size, type, or material

        Installing siding is not just as simple as, just installing siding. There is a process to everything, and in order to ensure the life of your siding, we must start at the lowest layer. 


        Below the siding layer is a layer of house wrap moisture barrier. This material is a moisture wicking substance that is made to protect the sheathing over your walls. It is a necessity to have installed under your siding and is often named and required by many building codes and manufacturer specifications.


        Siding itself is not a water proofing system. In order to allow the siding to expand and contract comfortably under temperature variations, siding is installed within sliding channels. These channels are natural gaps for small amounts of water to permeate through the material.

        This is in essence what makes house wrap such a necessity when thinking about your siding. Luckily though, when you call us, it won't have to weigh on you mind.

        One of the exterior components we recommend is a material called fanfold insulation. Fanfold are essentially foam boards that are overlayed on top of the house wrap. This material is an additional layer of insulation that performs 3 important functions.

       1) It is added insulation to help keep external temperatures from affecting the temperature within your home. Siding can get pretty hot throughout the day. Without additional protection against this heat, these temperatures can easily permeate into your walls and enter your home.

        2) It helps prevent your siding from trapping excess heat in one area. Often times, if one part of your siding is getting attention from the sun, it can make a hot spot in that area. With prolonged

exposure, the heat trapped behind the siding can warp the siding, causing ripples to form throughout due to the sliding channels. Fanfold will evenly disperse this heat over a larger area, preventing these concentrated hot spots from occurring.

        We use PlyGem Mastic Vinyl siding for 90% of our siding installations. This siding is beautiful and comes in a variety of colors ensuring that you can mix and match colors of your roof and siding to come up with the perfect color pallet for your home.

       PlyGem Mastic Vinyl siding is made from a slightly thicker mold which holds improvements over other siding names. It ensures rigidity and lowers the chances of deformation due to heat.

        Another aspect of sturdiness are the nail strips and J hooks. PlyGem has really beefed up these areas as they are the first systems to fail in a storm event. This siding also has deeper grooves, which gives it a bolder look under the sun which is sure to turn some heads.

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